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Quick Takes: That's a wrap

VB-PowerWrap 2.5 released

It's not the kind of wrap you get for lunch. VB-PowerWrap is designed to help VB programmers distribute executable files without worrying about those nagging runtime dependencies.

With version 2.5 you can wrap all DLLs, OCXs and any additional files inside the executable of your VB program -- no setup, no installation, no problem.

Click here for more information.

ProxyDesigner 1.0.1 released

ProxyDesigner lets developers get graphic and create complex UML software designs, patterns and architectures that can be implemented using VB and other programming tongues.

This newly-released version enables completed or still-baking designs to be published on the Web so the ProxySource community can have at it.


VB Magic 1.0.89 released

Need a little magic? SLE has pulled VB Magic 1.0.89 out of its hat, and it's a heckuva lot more useful than a rabbit.

We're talking about a Visual Basic 6 add-in that extends functionality to the VB IDE.

Check out SLE on the Web for more info.

MultiLine ToolTip OCX released

Nantronix has announced the release of their MultiLine ToolTip OCX control.

This baby lets you display multi-lined tooltip text with formatted text. The tooltip window will attach itself to an existing control or the input cursor.


EditPower 1.02 available

EditPower empowers you with a new collection of ActiveX edit controls for Visual Basic.

This version gives you lovely edit masks, date/time controls, a combobox that supports history lists, mapped lists and an incremental search.

Head over to for more information.

Multi-Language add-in available

Maybe this product will untie your tongue. Softwarebuero Jollans has released its Multi-Language add-in for Visual Basic.

It provides an easy way to make versions of your project available in alternative languages, or to create a version supporting multiple languages.

Read more at Jollans' Web site.

RegIt 1.0 released

McKisic Software's RegIt 1.0 is ready if you want to GetIt.

It's an ActiveX component that allows you to register and unregister multiple DLL and OCX components programmatically or via the context menu.

DigiSign 2.0 component released

Donia Software has released DigiSign 2.0, a component to create digital signatures, data fingerprints, secure passwords and checksums.

Digisign implements a truckload of cryptographic algorithms.

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