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Quick Takes: Whose LittleAdmin is it anyway?

myLittleAdmin can be your myLittleAdmin

myLittleAdmin v1.2b is ready to administer your MS Access databases over the Web using ASP.

The tool is provided in source code format (ASP/VBScript). Check out a live demo at

Auto-Error updated

Make no mistake, LockwoodTech has indeed released an updated version of Auto-Error.

This fresh version has new fixes and features like an all-new interface.

Auto-Error automatically writes error handling code and line numbers to a Visual Basic project. Find out more at

Web Data Manager 1.1 released

Implemented as a VB6 Webclass, Web Data Manager is a content administration system for database-driven Web sites.

It can manage the content of any database as well as Web-friendly content like images, sounds, video clips, streaming media and users and permissions.

Version 1.1 brings full support for SQL Server 2000. Find out more at

Shamman Reports for Excel 1.0 released

Shamman Software reports it has released Shamman Reports for Excel 1.0.

This is a new professional report designer for Excel. Integrating into VB applications is not a problem; in fact the company says it's quite easy. Read more at

Nothing could be Finer..

Here is a quick look at some of the finer things from Finer Technologies:
E-mailScreen: a COM DLL for e-mail address validation on Web sites and VB user interfaces
Doc2HTML: a COM DLL for converting Word compatible files into perfect HTML
XLS2HTML: a COM DLL for converting Excel Workbooks into perfect HTML
Excel/Word Conversion Suite: a discounted package of the above components along with Doc2TXT and XLS2TXT.

Check them out on the Web at

BarMeter.OCX released

This ActiveX control displays one or more LED meters and features horizontal and vertical display orientation, display of one or more bars with one control, min/max display, alarm display, acceleration display and a method to calculate the time needed to reach 100%.

Click over to to find out more about BarMeter.OCX, as well as SevenSegment.OCX. It emulates a seven segment display found in digital clocks, electronic thermometers and other digital equipment.

Wiz.Net available

Wiz.Net is a VB.Net class builder utility that creates classes from database tables.

Just add a connection string, a table name and the name of a class to create, and watch the Wiz create a VB.Net class module with properties to match the fields in the table.

Come on and ease on down, ease on down the Web to find out more about Wiz.Net at

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