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StringX 3.0 available

StringX has freshened up its string handling DLL, hopefully to keep you out of DLL hell.

The new version has strung together newer legacy data routines for packed decimal, PIC binary fields, array searching, improved array sorting and a fast concatenate method.

Check out StringX on the Web for more information.

Team Remote Debugger 2001 released

Team Remote Debugger 2001 allows you to trace any number of code units of any flavor.

Those flavors include ASP, MTS, COM, COM+, thread, process and ISAPI.

It doesn't matter what language they're written in, be it VB, ASP, VC++ or Delphi.

They may exist on any number of remote shared, dedicated or load balanced servers at the same time in a close to production environment.

Remote Debugger on the Web has more info.

GrabURL 2.0 released

Better grab while the grabbin's good. GrabURL 2.0 is now out.

It's an ActiveX component capable of reading the browser name, document title, page source, and URL from all major browsers, including IE, MSN, AOL and Netscape.

Click here if you want to grab more info on GrabURL.

Shell MegaPack updated

MegaPack has come out of its Shell with some new features.

The new MegaPack has versions 3.0 of FileView, FolderView and ShComboBox ActiveX controls.

This means developers can add complete Windows Explorer-like file browsing and file selection capabilities in their own application.

3D line container control available

Interested in a free ActiveX control that displays a 3D line at one of four sides of a borderless frame?

Check out the 3D line container control. More scoop is at

Ariad StatusBarX 5.0 released

Ariad Software has released StatusBarX.

It's an extended status bar component designed to replace the default one supplied with VB.

Visit Ariad's Web site for more details.

VB Magic 1.0.80 released

It's magic! SLE has released VB Magic 1.0.80.

It's a Visual Basic 6 add-in that extends functionality to the VB IDE. Oh yea, it's free too.

Click here for more info.

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