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Quick Takes: Trim the tedium

VBCodeHelper released

That's what Frez is for. Frez Systems has released its VBCodeHelper add-in.

Go running to the shelter of your VBCodeHelper to trim the tedium from tasks associated with VB development.

You know what we're talking about -- automatic insertion of user-defined error handling, insertion of user-defined boilerplates for procedure and module comments, and the like.

Check out for more information.

Advanced VB Diagnostic Tools 1.2 released

Lockdesign has unleashed version 1.2 of Advanced VB Diagnostic Tools.

It's a shareware add-in that can help you find faults and evaluate performance (sounds like something a spouse would do!), thanks to diagnostic tools through the IDE.

Click over to Lockdesign on the Web for more information.

XML Databases sample chapter

Chapter 2 of "XML Databases" by Wrox is waiting for you at

This chapter, XML Structures for Existing Databases, addresses taking an existing relational database and moving it to XML.

It's a free read. Enjoy!

NTPort Library updated

Check in to NTPort Library to give your Win32 application real-time direct access to PC I/O ports and support for Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000.

This library also works as a replacement of old BASIC IN or OUT statements.

Click here for more information.

SwiftSoft MultiMedia Tools 2.0 released

Speaking of libraries, version 2.0 of the Multimedia Tools library (VCL and ActiveX) and all other ActiveX controls are ready to go.

Check out for more scoop.

ChartFX Client Server released

Software FX has released ChartFX Client Server.

This is the freshest version of Software FX's charting tool for Client/Server applications.

You get a COM-based component that lets you deploy powerful charts in your VB applications.

Check out to find out what other standard equipment comes with this baby.

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