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Quick Takes: That's what Friend is for

VB Friend 2.0 auto-corrects code

Aivosto wants you to make friends with VB Friend version 2.0.

Indent, complete and auto-correct code, backups and loads of productivity features to help in everyday coding � that's what this Friend is for.

Check out Aivosto's Web site for more VB Friend-friendly information. There's a free demo.

ActiveXplorer solves DLL hell

But wait, there's more from Aivosto!

Aivosto ActiveXplorer 1.1 is an ActiveX control manager for Windows. It lists, registers, unregisters, analyzes, documents and backs up ActiveX files.

If fixing installation problems and learning to use undocumented controls are important to you, check out As in VB Friend 2.0, the demo is free.

PropertiesList control 2.0 released

You may want to put Innovasys' PropertiesList on your want list.

The product is based on the property box in the Visual Basic IDE and lets you snag and tweak a range of data types with minimal coding.

Check out, and get a load of the full feature set by running up the demonstration application included in the evaluation version.

SMTPSock 1.0 released

AxSoft is "socking it" to developers with a new release.

SMTPSock is an ActiveX control that lets you send Internet e-mail through an SMTP server.

It can send e-mail to multiple recipients as well as send multiple attachments using built-in Base64 encoding.

This control uses API for winsock functions. Find out more at Axsoft's Web site.

KeyStone Learning Systems unleashes the power of SQL Server 2000

Sweating exams? KeyStone Learning Systems says stop sweating and start studying.

KeyStone can help you prepare for Microsoft exams 70-228, Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 70-229, Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

How will KeyStone help? With the release of Learning SQL Server 2000.

The Provo, UT-based company has also produced a What's New in SQL 2000 title to get database pros up to speed on new capabilities of SQL 2000.

You can "go to school" with either CD-ROM or video. Check out KeyStone on the Web for more information.

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