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Quick Takes: Action for ActiveX

DateUtilX 1.0, Category Property Bag 1.0 released

McKisic Software is taking an active role in the world of ActiveX components.

The just-released DateUtilX 1.0 is an ActiveX component that exposes methods and properties that let you manipulate date and calendar data types, including support for business-related date functionality.

The company has also released Category Property Bag 1.0.

This ActiveX component contains objects which let you store properties in categorized fashion and allows applications to save and load categorized information.

Check out McKisic's Web site for more information on both products as well as another new product, NTResourceX.

EasyDial 1.0 released

Use the new EasyDial ActiveX Control to write code to dial and connect to ISPs.

It supports VB, VC++, Delphi, and C++ Builder and has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Visit for more information.

NCTAudioStudio 1.02, NCTAudioConvert 2.01 released

NCT Company is sounding off about its new products.

NCTAudioStudio 1.02 includes seven ActiveX controls supporting WAV PCM, compressed WAV, MP3, VOX, RAW, WMA and G.726 audio formats.

The company has also released NCTAudioConvert 2.01, a converter of audio files.

Check out for more information.

CompareFilesX beta released

SoftInterface has released the beta version of CompareFilesX. Have at it!

This X-File, I mean FilesX, is a file and directory comparison component.

Go to SoftInterface's Web site for more information.

3DChart 5.0 released

Let's go into charted territory. Nevron's 3DChart 5.0 is built for speed performance and memory footprint.

This version has new stock, radar, polar, shmoo, stack area, floating bars, contour and bubble charting types.

The component can now be easily integrated into ASP pages.

Click over to and read on.

NewMonics PERC 3.1 combines strengths of Java and C

This may "perc" you up a bit. Lisle, Ill.-based NewMonics is now shipping PERC 3.1. Consider it a bridge between Java and C.

This suite of development tools is built on a clean-room implementation of a Java Virtual Machine. It combines the strengths of Java and C, simplifies the development process and reduces time to market.

You can use 3.1 to debug Ahead-of-Time compiled code at the Java source level with any mix of interpreted or compiled code.

You can create Java code using the same methodology you normally use with C.

NewMonics now supports Solaris-hosted VxWorks and OSE, complementing its NT development platform.

Go to for more information.

All aboard the COM Express

Shoutsoft is whispering loudly about its new development tool for VB.

COM Express generates full N-tier (or 3-tier) VB database application in a matter of minutes.

Version 1.1 generates business objects with hierarchical support to N level and GUI applications.


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