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Quick Takes: In the name of .Net

Epicor integrates Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications

Epicor Software of Irvine, Calif. will incorporate Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications into its product suite. This is the next logical step in Epicor's present VBA support.

The integration will give Epicor customers the industry standard development environment to extend, customize and integrate e by Epicor with Web applications.

Part of the package is the full power of Visual Basic, allowing developers to customize VSA-enabled applications using Visual Basic.Net.

Check out Epicor's Web site for more information.


vbSendMail upgraded

Are you ready for the new version 3.0 of vbSendMail? It's here.

Now you can use the COM to add e-mail capabilities to your VB applications.

On top of several new features, the component is now verified to work from ASP. Full VB source code is included.

Check out for more information.

VB Setup Wrapper 2.0 released

It's time to take the wrapper off VB Setup Wrapper 2.0.

This new version checks your system files, reboots the computer if need be, then launches your setup.

But wait, there's more! You also get a customizable startup dialog for network installs or CD installs. It works with the package and deployment wizard or Visual Studio Installer.

Click here for more information.

WebRainbow 1.2 released

Somewhere over at DMF Systems is WebRainbow 1.2.

It's a new Web server independent CGI programming tool for VB6/5/4.

Version 1.2 lets you write dynamic content in either text/html or binary format directly using VB and transfer data between pages/Web sites.

A free trial edition is there for the downloading. Click here for more information.

BinaryWork Media OCX 1.5.0 released

Bugs beware! Version 1.5.0 fixes a bug involving lost handles opened by the control at runtime.

It also fixes the bug when playing in fullscreen mode and adds new functions to add specific extensions to the pre-defined playback method. has more information.

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