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Quick Takes: 2001, A Tool Odyssey

Behold Documentor 2.0

We have documentation: has released VB Documentor 2.0.

This version of the VB add-in sports the adding of customized keywords/tokens into source code documentation, the use of customized HTML templates for HTML format help, and text searching on source code and files.

Check out for more information.

WebZinc 1.0 released

Zinc: Good for colds and good for programmers.

White Cliff Computing has released WebZinc. It's an ActiveX DLL that allows programmers to manipulate Web sites.

Grab any data from any Web site, submit forms, search the Net and more in code. It's easy � just add WebZinc!

Click here for more information.

ActiveX Communications control released

Got tools? The new APAX Communications Toolset from TurboPower is now available for ActiveX development environments.

Those environements include Visual Basic and Visual C++.

APAX includes high-speed serial and TCP/IP communications capabilities, true VT100 terminal emulation and gateway to TAPI.

Get thee to TurboPower's Web site for more information.

OpenNetwork Technologies releases DirectorySmart for Microsoft Active Directory

OpenNetwork Technologies of Clearwater, Fla. makes secure eBusiness infrastructure software, and now they've got a product for Active Directory.

DirectorySmart is the first highly integrated extranet access control software suite for Microsoft Active Directory. If your company is using Windows 2000, you can enjoy DirectorySmart's security infrastructure, which includes Web access control, authorization and delegated user management functionality to manage access to eBusiness applications for millions of users.

DirectorySmart for Active Directory also provides companies with the migration capabilities to move user information from Windows NT to the Windows 2000 Active Directory.

Check out for more information.

FindInFilesX supports thread priority

You've heard of X-Files, but have you heard of FindInFilesX?

It's an ActiveX component designed to add a text file search facility to your programs. No Mulder required.

FindInFilesX now supports thread priority, running on a separate thread allowing the calling application to keep responsive.

Click here for more information. The truth is out there.

FileIO/System Toolbox 1.0 released

Got room for another toolbox? Arclab has released its FileIO/System Toolbox.

This is a set of functions for file, folder, shell, Windows API and system operations and for gathering information.

The ActiveX component is tailor-made for the VB/VBA programmer.

Visit Arclab's Web site for more information.

Microsoft updates tools for building Web services with Visual Studio and Internet Explorer

As first reported in our news section, Microsoft has two new SOAP-related technologies to help developers build and use Web services.

The first tool is the beta release of the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Version 2.0, which provides developers using Visual Studio 6.0 with rapid Web Services development capabilities for production-ready applications.

The final release of Version 2.0 will provide developers with the tools and technologies that will enable them to deploy enterprise-scale applications with forward compatibility with the .Net platform.

Tool number two is Web Services Behavior for Internet Explorer browser software, which enables Web developers to aggregate Web Services from multiple Web pages.

Click here for the free downloads of these two tools.

WEBSvr/ASP component supports SOAP

OctoGroup has released WEBSvr/ASP release 2 .

This version implements a complete Web server packed in an ActiveX DLL.

You get the ability to execute ASP pages, implement a SOAP server and upload files using standard POST forms with this puppy.

Click here for more information.

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