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Quick Takes: Palm it!

Palm powered handhelds to run Visual Basic applications

Palm users will be able to get their hands on VB apps thanks to Atlanta's AppForge.

Palm has gotten a license to distribute AppForge Booster runtime software. Stick it in a handheld using the Palm OS, and watch the Booster software enable you to run VB applications.

Developers can write software applications for Palm using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and create applications for Palm handhelds without having to learn a new or proprietary language.

Look for the Booster in early 2001 from Palm. You can download Booster and the AppForge developer platform right now from

Targeted Beta version delivers first step toward enabling Microsoft .Net client devices

Redmond is getting the "embedded" up and out of the house. Microsoft is issuing the beta 1 release of the next embedded version of Windows 2000, code-named "Whistler Embedded."

Beta 1 is focused on delivering embedded client scenarios, including Windows-based terminals, advanced set-top boxes and retail point-of-sale kiosks.

Whistler Embedded aims to deliver a powerful new set of development and authoring tools including Target Designer, which enables embedded developers to select components from a database of all available Windows components, add them to the run-time configuration and generate the customized operating system image.

There's also a Database Manager that allows embedded developers to bring over their custom-built operating system components to the "Whistler Embedded" database repository.

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