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Quick Takes: Basic needs

MicroEdge announces Visual SlickEdit v6.0 for Windows

MicroEdge, Inc. has added another tool to its multi-platform development toolshed.

The Apex, NC-based company has released a new version of Visual SlickEdit for Windows NT/2000/9x.

The product's Context Tagging adds new and improved support for C#, CFScript, JSP and Python. That's on top of support for C, C++, Java and Perl.

Learn more about Visual SlickEdit v6.0 at MicroEdge's Web site.

BSQUARE releases WinRT for USB hardware control kit featuring support for Windows NT and NT Embedded

You may want to be there for BSQUARE's new release: WinRT for USB for Windows NT.

The hardware control toolkit is compatible with the growing number of systems using Windows NT and Windows NT Embedded.

WinRT for USB enables developers to add USB hardware control to PCs and intelligent devices quickly, without the hassle of using additional device driver toolkits or the Windows DDK.

The product also includes a set of C/C++ functions and an ActiveX control, so developers are not limited to a single development environment. Go ahead and can create your USB hardware control solutions in C, C++, Visual Basic and any other development environment capable of calling C or C++ functions or using an ActiveX's ok!

WinRT for USB for Windows NT is supposed to be available this month. Visit Bellevue, WA-based BSQUARE at for more information.

Codemesh updates JunC++ion Release 1 for Windows; JunC++ion makes Java and C++ work together

Codemesh has updated its JunC++ion Release 1 product to fix some minor software problems and to include new documentation.

Carlisle, Mass.-based Codemesh launched JunC++ion in order to Web-enable C++ programs, expand Enterprise JavaBeans environments to C++, integrate Java and C++ servers, and make Microsoft's Component Object Model more accessible from Java.

JunC++ion Release 1.0.1 is available now on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. Visit Codemesh's Web site for more information.

PythonWorks Pro v1.1 now also for Windows

Who let the snakes out? Who? Who? Who? Secret Labs AB of Sweden, that's who. The company has released a new, improved version of its integrated development environment for Python.

The new features include support for more platforms, including Windows 9X/NT/2000, Linux and Sun Solaris. It also features a version control system, an enhanced uiToolkit and a more powerful layout editor.

You can let an evaluation copy out at Python's Web site.


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