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Quick Takes: Viva Las Vegas

Microsoft announces availability of Visual Studio.Net and .Net Framework Beta 1; Submits C# to ECMA

At Comdex Fall 2000, Bill Gates announced the public availability of the first beta version of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net and the Microsoft .Net Framework. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading!

.Net Framework Beta 1 is free and ready for downloading on the brand-spanking new MSDN .Net Developer Center.

Visual Studio.Net Beta 1 is available for download by MSDN Universal subscribers, or can be ordered for the cost of materials and shipping at

These are two key technologies for enabling developers to build Web services on Microsoft's .Net platform.

Gates also announced the formal submission of C# and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specifications to ECMA, a vendor-neutral international standards organization committed to driving adoption of information and communications technologies across the industry.

Strong interest in C# among developers

Evans Data Corporation has updated its semi-annual North American Developer Survey series.

This fresh volume shows developers have confidence in C#. Thirty percent of the respondents in the survey said they will probably give it a try in the next year.

The survey says if you're a heavy Visual Basic user, chances are you will use C#. XML users are also showing a sharp interest.

The survey numbers bear out that heavy C/C++ users weren't so inclined to try C#.

Only 10% of those developers who are planning to try C# are heavy Java users.

Check out the survey's table of contents at Evans Data's Web site.

InCert announces availability of TraceBack for Windows

InCert�it's not a breath mint. It's a Cambridge, Mass.-based software corporation that has released its TraceBack for Windows.

This newest bundle of joy in InCert's nursery of availability solutions brings the proven success of the TraceBack Agent technology to Windows NT/2000 applications written in C/C++.

TraceBack is like your own personal bloodhound (without the smell or the drool) that sniffs out and tracks down why your program failed or misbehaved and keeps track of what the machine environment was like at the time of failure.

This will be a handy tool for ISVs, ASPs and enterprises that need to find and fix failures for C and C++ applications ASAP.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of the product at

TX Text Control v8 released

Yep, you can have a v8. Nope, you can't drink it.

TX Text Control has gussied up and released version 8 of its reusable word processing component.

Version 8 features ActiveX for Visual Basic and Delphi and Class Library for Visual C++, among other key points.

Download a time-unlimited evaluation copy of TX Text Control v8.

Allegrix releases V-2 of ASP solutions entirely based on Microsoft technologies

Allegrix says its Application Center now provides enhanced availability, load balancing and secure single-point-login capabilities for Windows 2000 applications deployed over the Web using an ASP model.

The new features make it easier for end users to securely access multiple Windows 2000 applications, like Active Directory, Windows 2000 Terminal Services and the other "usual suspects" over the Web.

Allegrix is the first vendor that enables VARs and ISVs to become ASPs and deploy their Windows 2000 applications over the Web, using pure Microsoft technologies.

Questions? Get thee to Allegrix's Web site.

Aelita Software releases EventAdmin Intelligence Center for enterprise Windows-based networks

Powell, Ohio-based Aelita Software wants you to check out its new EventAdmin 5.0. It's an event data management and analysis application that consolidates event logs across multiple directory services, applications and systems.

If you want a tool to help you better control and secure your Windows-based enterprise network, think about adding EventAdmin 5.0 to your toolbox.

You should see better performance, reliability and trend analysis as well as centralized security management for e-business infrastructures built on the Windows 2000 platform.

EventAdmin 5.0 collects event logs across applications, including Internet Information Server, Exchange Server and SQL Server, and consolidates them with Windows 2000, Windows NT and Novell Directory Services logs for archiving and analysis.

Check them out on the Web at

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