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Quick Takes: Knosys knows .Net

Knosys announces availability of ProClarity Analytical Platform 3.0 and 3.0 OLAP Client

Knosys says you can now get its COM-based ProClarity Analytical Platform 3.0 and 3.0 OLAP Client.

Both products were built to deliver the full analytical goods of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services as well as to tangibly show Knosys' commitment to the .Net platform.

Integrated VBA makes it easy to customize ProClarity 3.0 OLAP client.

Master Microsoft's new programming language with A Programmer's Introduction to C#

Eric Gunnerson has "been there, programmed that." You can partake of his knowledge with A Programmer's Introduction to C#, now available from Apress.

Gunnerson is a key member of Microsoft's C# design team. His fluency in C# will guide intermediate to advanced developers through the first component-oriented language in the C/C++ family and explain how C# fits into the big .Net picture.

There's also a C# language comparison--handy stuff for people programming in C++, Java and Visual Basic.

The book will run you about 35 bucks. It's available at most bookstores and computer stores or directly from Apress.

ILOG widens audience for high-end GUI creation; targets Windows developers

ILOG has a new version of its Views Component Suite 4.0.

This is the latest version of ILOG's C++ graphical user interface software library. It has lots of new features that cater to Windows developers.

Windows developers will find it easier to create ActiveX components.

ILOG Views is now available as a modular product offering for added flexibility. Check out the Mountain View-Calif.-based company's Web site for more information.

Software configuration management product adds full support for Windows 2000

Visible Systems Corporation has released a new version of its Razor software configuration management system.

Razor 4.2 adds GUI interfaces for improved productivity of software development teams and provides direct access to Razor from Windows development tools. That should shave a few minutes off your day.

Razor 4.2 integrates with all Windows integrated development environments that support Microsoft's SCC API, including Windows 2000.

Developers can directly check in and check out Razor files and reports from Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, JAVA, or Symantec's Visual Cafe.

Production shipments of Razor 4.2 are available now. Check out Visible Systems Corporation on the Web for more information.

Bristol Technology announces Wind/U 4.4; update includes Windows 2000 source code

Bristol Technology has freshened up its Wind/U cross-platform software.

The new version uses Windows 2000 source code for updated features such as Windows Common Controls. Important new COM features such as COM Smart Interface Pointers are included, as well as updated ATL 3.0 and OpenGL 1.2.1.

Wind/U also enables software developers to use a single source code base for porting Windows applications seamlessly to UNIX.

Learn more about Bristol's breezy new baby, available now, at the company's Web site.

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