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Quick Takes: MS developers can make move to Linux

A new window into Linux for Microsoft developers

LynuxWorks Inc. out of San Jose, Calif. has introduced what it calls the first product to integrate the Microsoft Visual C++ IDE with development tools for the Linux operating system.

The program, called VisualLynux, is compatible with LynuxWorks' BlueCat(TM) Linux and other Linux 2.2.12 distributions. Its key feature is to ease the creation of embedded applications using the Linux platform.

Adtech AX/4000 and SmartBits Will Utilize XML Text

Spirent Communications has announced it will use XML text configuration files for its Adtech AX/4000 SmartBits performance testing solutions to enable integration of the two product families.

Using XML, standardized and extensible text-based format, will enable Adtech and SmartBits to easily create, modify, and extend file configuration definitions so Spirent customers can seamlessly work with the two platforms.

Polar Software releases new ActiveX component

Croatia's Polar Software has released Polar Crypto Component, designed to allow developers to include powerful encryption and decryption features in applications.

Utilizing the SHS hash algorithm and the Twofish encrypting algorithm, it protects data in all applications, including those involving business and e-commerce implementations.

The component is compatible with an extensive range of development platforms including MS Visual C++, Borland C++Builder, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, MS FoxPro for Windows, and all other 32-bit programming environments that support ActiveX components.

New book provides the nuts and bolts of Excel

A new desktop reference book, Excel 2000 in a Nutshell, from author Jinjer Simon provides feature-oriented detail about each menu option and function in the popular Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.

"This book will help tap into those more complex, not-so-obvious features of Excel," said Simon.

The reference is designed to help users take control of features which are often not fully understood, such as formulas, commands, and other features accessed from the GUI.

WindowsCE gets new development platform

Embedded Planet out of San Jose, Calif., has released Blue Planet 1.1, a new software development platform for WindowsCE 3.0

It is designed to allow developers to design, create, and deploy embedded applications with greater ease and speed.

By allowing Windows CE software and Motorola's Power PC-based hardware work together out of the box, it may save much of the time typically spend in the conventional embedded design process.

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