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Explorer-like tool gives programmers new Windows of opportunity

Programmers looking to create a room with a view have a new alternative to the standard FileListBox and DriveListBox options available in Visual Basic.

FolderView ActiveX Control 2.1 from Karve Nagar, India-based Sky Software Co. gives programmers the option to add Windows Explorer-like tree views in applications, showing all folders and files in the shell's name space.

"The most important advantage of FolderView ActiveX Control is that it exactly mimics the Windows Explorer's tree view, thus presenting a standard, uniform look," said Sky Software CEO Atul Godbole.

"VB programmers can use it for a wide variety of tasks, whether they simply want to show the directory structure or allow the user to select a directory. The uses of this control are unlimited," he said.

FolderView ActiveX Control 2.1 is based on ActiveX technology and works in many compliant environments other than Visual Basic, including Visual C, Microsoft Access databases and on the Web.

Godbole's company developed the application out of a need for functionality similar to that of Windows Explorer's tree view.

"We found that a tree structure showing the complete shell's name space was needed in a number of situations," according to Godbole. "This could have been achieved by using the FileListBox, DriveListBox and the like, provided by Visual Basic. However they looked disgusting!

"Initially what we developed was used internally in our products. However we realized that many programmers yearn for the same functionality, too. So we decided to develop an ActiveX Control that can be used by a large class of programmers."

Version 2.1 is the third revision of the program and features several improvements over the original.

It added new properties, events and methods to gain more control over the ways in which FolderView behaves. A few examples include the ability to set the root node through code, renaming of items, the processing of standard key strokes and better event notification.

The application can be useful in a myriad of ways, according to Godbole.

"If you need to deal with showing, saving, or opening files and folders in any way, then FolderView ActiveX Control can help you," he said.

The FolderView Control is currently offered for $20. Site licenses are also available for development on multiple computers.

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