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Getting started with Microsoft Azure for developers

This is a four-part series from contributor Patrick Meader for developers to get started with Microsoft Azure.

The Azure Services Platform (Azure) is Microsoft's first attempt at a cloud services platform, their take on implementing Platform as a Service (PaaS)-style functionality. Azure includes an operating system (Windows Azure) and several collections of developer, communication and data services intended to simplify the creation and hosting of Windows-based applications in the cloud. Read more about Azure's cloud services platform below.

An introduction to developing for Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure builds on the Windows platform, allowing users to scale back their necessary development resources and move parts of their infrastructures into the cloud as they see fit.

Azure tools for cloud-based development
Before working with Microsoft Azure, it's good to get familiarized with its components and software development kits.

Comparing Microsoft Azure's pricing policies
Microsoft's reluctance to release Azure pricing details made users wary, and the numbers it finally released come up short against Google App Engine in several ways.

The risks and rewards behind developing in Azure
Discover several situations where Microsoft Azure would be a beneficial cloud computing solution, along with the major risks Azure adopters need to understand.

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