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Microsoft announces promotions for Visual Studio, MSDN

Microsoft announced several promotions for Visual Studio 2008 and MSDN subscriptions at TechEd EMEA in Bracelona, Brazil earlier this week. The company also rehashed some of .NET 3.5's improvements, as well as planned improvements to VS 2010.

News Briefing

Microsoft announced new pricing for Visual Studio 2008 and rehashed some of .NET's recent improvements earlier this week at its TechEd EMEA conference in Barcelona, Brazil.

Companies using any component of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and which have a premium-level MSDN subscription can upgrade to any VSTS role edition, including the full suite, for 30% off. The company is also offering promotions for Visual Studio Professional to users of any development tool, as well as discounts for MSDN subscriptions to users of Visual Studio Professional.

The company went over improvements in Visual Studio 2010 that it first previewed at PDC late last month, including support for Windows 7 and a WPF-based editor that will let plug-in developers take advantage of features like rich text editing within the Visual Studio IDE.

Jason Zander, general manager of the developer division at Microsoft, also highlighted several existing and planned improvements to the .NET platform. Programs using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in .NET 3..5 SP 1, which was released last November, will have a 20% - 45% improvement in performance, he said. The .NET 3.5 framework also makes it easier to install applications, he said.

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