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Windows Developments: Product news February 2008

This month's featured .NET development products include a SQL Server synchronizer, a set of ASP.NET data entry controls and a business rule deployment engine for .NET 3.0. brings you Windows Developments, a monthly sampling of recent products and product news in the ever-active Windows space. These products are aimed at .NET developers and architects. This month's 11 featured products include a component for SQL Server database synchronization, a set of ASP.NET data entry controls and a business rule deployment engine that supports .NET 3.0.

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Also, be sure to check out our product news home page, All-in-One Buying Guides: Tools for the .NET Developer. Here the products are now listed by category, so it should be easier to find the products you need.

Category: Application Testing and Security

  • Toolset auto generates test data for database testing
    DTM soft has released a set of tools that automatically generates test data for database testing purposes.

  • Logging system for .NET applications (TheServerSide.NET)
    UptoLog gathers all error logs in a central database and makes it easy to locate and correct errors.

    Category: Components and Controls

  • Shell Objects adds Visual Studio 2008, x64 support
    Version 9.0 of this component set from LogicNP Software adds support for VS 2008 and 64-bit computing. Components for creating wizards and Vista-style message boxes have been added as well.

    Category: Database Programming Tools

  • Latest OR.NET release reduces generated code
    The open-source object-relational mapping tool uses generated code for all its operations. The latest release cuts down on the amount of code that comes out.

  • Perpetuum unveils database synchronizer for .NET 2.0
    Database Restyle can create and synchronize database structures for .NET Framework 2.0 applications. Among the database schema it supports is LINQ to SQL.

    Category: Developer Life Cycle Tools

  • DataSynapse virtualization tool now supports .NET
    FabricServer, the enterprise application virtualization tool from DataSynapse, has added support for .NET 3.0, SharePoint 2007 and IIS.

    Category: Tools and Platforms

  • SCM Visual Studio plug-in offers updated interface
    Software configuration management tool maker AccuRev used newly available Microsoft APIs to create its AccuBridge for Visual Studio 2005 plug-in. A user at a major airline credits the product for a highly graphical view into a software project's assets.
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  • ILOG Rules for .NET integrates with Office 2007, .NET 3.0
    By tying into Microsoft Office 2007 and the .NET Framework 3.0, ILOG Rules for .NET aims to ease the process of crafting and deploying business rules.

  • Spring.NET 1.1 brings AOP to .NET development
    After gaining footing in the Java world, the Spring.NET framework is making its way to the .NET platform. Working now with ASP.NET, Spring.NET supports Dependency Injection for pages, controls, modules and providers, while easing the creation of bi-directional data bindings.

  • Jitterbit improvements assist with CRM, SharePoint apps
    The open-source application and database integration platform has expanded its support for handling data and for HTTP, which leaves it better able to accommodate CRM and SharePoint applications, respectively.

    Category: Web Application Development

  • Set of ASP.NET controls addresses data entry
    Peter's Data Entry Suite, a product by developer Peter Blum, provides a set of more than 70 ASP.NET controls that focus on various aspects of data entry.
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