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Shell Objects adds Visual Studio 2008, x64 support

Version 9.0 of this component set from LogicNP Software adds support for VS 2008 and 64-bit computing. Components for creating wizards and Vista-style message boxes are new, too.

Category: Components and Controls

Description: Shell Objects, from LogicNP software (formerly known as Sky Software), is a set of components that lets programmers extend the shell functionality provided by controls such as FolderView, FileView and ShComboBox. It is part of a larger product offering known as the Shell Mega Pack and comes in .NET and ActiveX editions.

The latest version, v9.0, adds support for Visual Studio 2008 and 64-bit computing. This version also offers several new components, including a Wizard, a Resizer for setting form resolution and Windows Vista-style TaskDialog message boxes.

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