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Exact Magic updates it Visual Studio tools

The company has recently updated its three Visual Studio plug-ins. Together, they cover testing, code metrics, string searches and spell check.

Category: Developer Life Cycle Tools

Description: Exact Magic Software has recently updated its three Visual Studio plug-ins. These support VS 2005 and 2008.

TestMatrix is a test-driven development plug-in that brings unit testing, code coverage analysis and test profiling to Visual Studio. Tests can be run in the background or through a Test Explorer window. Results are displayed in the editor itself and in a separate results window. Code coverage and line-level performance metrics are collected as test happen.

CodeSpell will spell check code either as you type or when you decide it is time. It is compatible with the syntax and terminology of C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and HTML, and it can handle camel casing, XML/HTML tags and underscore characters. It is off by default in design mode.

Studio Tools, which is free, offers code metrics similar to those offered in VSTS, a "Smart Goto" tool, incremental searches within strings and more.

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