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Silverlight 2.0, formerly v1.1, to reach beta by March

Silverlight 1.1 has been renamed Silverlight 2.0 and will reach beta by the end of March 2008, Microsoft announced today. It will come with a Go-Live license, too.

Silverlight 1.1, the version of the Rich Internet Application development framework that runs on the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime, has been renamed Silverlight 2.0 and will reach beta by the end of March 2008, Microsoft announced today. Silverlight 2.0 Beta will come with a Go-Live license, the company said.

One key addition to Silverlight 2.0 is a collection of more than 20 controls for forms, functionality, layout management and data manipulation. The alpha version of Silverlight 1.1 lacks such controls.

Other additions to Silverlight 2.0, Scott Guthrie indicated in a blog post called .NET Web Product Roadmap, will include the following:

  • A .NET base class library
  • A subset of the Windows Presentation Framework UI Framework that shipped with Visual Studio 2008
  • Support for REST, POX, RSS, and WS* communication

The release of Silverlight 2.0 is timed to coincide with the MIX08 conference, which is the first week of March, as Tim Sneath reported in Silverlight 1.1 is now Silverlight 2.0: "We have just one more milestone to go before MIX, which is when we're going to have a new public release available. We'll also have a non-commercial go live license ready by then."

Also in the works is an updated set of Visual Studio 2008 tools tailored to Silverlight 2.0 application development using and .NET language, Guthrie said. These free tools will work with both the paid Visual Studio 2008 products and with the free Visual Studio 2008 Express editions, he added.

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