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What's in a name? For the new, it reflects expanded coverage and a renewed dedication to .NET application development and architecture.

In case you have not noticed, is now The new name is one of several changes for the site. Taken together, these changes will, we feel, provide better resources for everyone involved in the life cycle of a .NET application development project.

First, there is the name. To be honest, the site has been covering more than just Visual Basic programming for quite some time now. Even casual readers who peruse our main topics would come to this conclusion.

However, the name intends to do more than merely restate the obvious. It also reflects a new mission statement -- one that, in turn, reflects the evolving role and responsibility of everyone on the software development team.

We realize that there's a lot more to programming than throwing some code together and hitting F5. There are tests to run, best practices to debate, applications to migrate, tools to evaluate and much, much more. And no longer is this work done in isolation -- those who write software now work with "team members," some in the next cubicle, some on the next continent.

Therefore, aims to assist architects and software testers, in addition to developers, as they wade their way through the software development life cycle.

Doing this requires an expansion of coverage. On top of the client and Web development topics we already cover -- from WinForms to Windows Presentation Foundation, from ASP.NET to Ajax and Silverlight -- we will pay closer attention to team development, architecture and application testing. Our recent visit to the Patterns and Practices Summit in Redmond offers a nice glimpse at what is to come.

Some of this new coverage is coming to us courtesy of TheServerSide.NET, a sister site that is undergoing some changes of its own and turning its attention to community endeavors such as discussions, forums and news threads.

In the next couple months, we will be moving more than 40 articles and tutorials from TheServerSide.NET over to The content that is making the move helps us address those aforementioned topics -- architecture, testing and team development -- which play an increasingly important role to the SDLC. These stories include Web services no interop cure-all and Composite Application Block steers front-end development, both of which are live now.

To better deliver this content to you the reader, we have one other major change to announce: we have started blogging.

Our main goal with the blog, cleverly named .NET Developments, is to quickly and effectively share information with our readers. Bloggers both inside and outside Microsoft increasingly affect the way .NET developers and architects receive the information that's most important to them.

Starting our own blog, and updating it frequently, is a great way for us to share this information with you and let you know why we feel it is important. When there's an important or interesting software download, we'll blog about it. When someone says something worth pondering, we'll blog about it. When we find a resource that will make your job easier, we'll blog about it.

So, to review, we have a new name, an expanded audience, a broader area of coverage and a new blog. It's a lot to take in all at once -- we're still trying to wrap our heads around it ourselves -- but we are confident that it will only help you work faster, higher and stronger in your sometimes-Olympian efforts to design, develop and deploy .NET applications.

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