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Windows Developments: Product news, October 2007

This month's featured .NET development products include DataDirect support for MySQL, a VB-to-Java translator and new components from Infragistics and ComponentOne. brings you Windows Developments, a monthly sampling of recent products and product news in the ever-active Windows space. These products are aimed at Visual Basic, Visual Studio and .NET developers. This month's 12 featured products include DataDirect support for MySQL, a VB-to-Java translator and new components from Infragistics and ComponentOne.

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Category: Application Testing and Security

  • NCover, now commercial, supports ASP.NET, 64-bit apps
    The open-source project has gone commercial and now supports ASP.NET apps running on IIS and 64-bit versions of Windows. Reporting options have expanded as well.

  • Parasoft releases new version of SOA testing tool (
    Parasoft's upgraded SOA testing tool, SOAtest 5.5, offers a host of new features, including increased compatibility with Microsoft products.

  • Ounce Labs extends coverage of source code analysis tool (
    Ounce Labs has extended its Ounce 5 source code analysis tool to include support for legacy code bases such as ASP, Visual Basic, VBScript and JavaScript. The product already supports VB .NET, C# and ASP.NET.

    Category: Components and Controls

  • Infragistics updates NetAdvantage with PDF export engine, Vista UI elements
    The company has added Vista UI elements to NetAdvantage for Windows Forms and a PDF and XPS export engine to NetAdvantage for ASP.NET.
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  • Component works with Word files inside .NET applications
    Aspose.Words lets .NET applications read, write and edit Microsoft Word documents without having to open Word itself.

    Category: Database Tools

  • DataDirect database drivers now support MySQL
    The company's ODBC and JDBC drivers now support MySQL Enterprise Server with 100% specification compliance.

    Category: Mobile Development

  • Control adds data trees to .NET Compact Framework apps
    Resco AdvancedTree .NET is a control that lets developers add data trees to mobile applications running the .NET Compact Framework.

    Category: Tools and Platforms

  • CodeGear RAD Studio now supports .NET 2.0
    The latest iteration of CodeGear RAD Studio supports ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.NET 2.0. It also offers a model-driven development framework for .NET 2.0.

  • Tool translates VB .NET code to Java
    VBeeJava is a platform translation tool for moving code from Visual Basic .NET 2003 to Java.

  • Java presentation tool outputs XAML files
    Soyatec's eFace is a component-based Java presentation framework that is compatible with Microsoft's XAML.

    Category: Web Development

  • ComponentOne shows Silverlight 1.1 controls at ReMix07 Boston
    The company announced that Sapphire, its set of interface controls like lists, sliders and charts for Silverlight 1.1, will be released whenever Microsoft ships the product. In the meantime, partnered with ComponentOne to build an ecommerce application that included interactive 3D menus, and Sapphire is in the sandbox at ComponentOne Labs.

  • Silverlight Spy scans XAML objects, eases JavaScript debugging
    First Floor Software's Silverlight Spy is a WinForms app that scans Silverlight 1.0 applications and lets users set XAML object property values and debug JavaScript.
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