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Infragistics updates NetAdvantage with PDF export engine, Vista UI elements

The company has added Vista UI elements to NetAdvantage for Windows Forms and a PDF and XPS export engine to NetAdvantage for ASP.NET.

Category: Components and Controls

Description: Infragistics' latest edition of NetAdvantage for .NET, Volume 3, includes several new features for its WinForms and ASP.NET offerings. "Our whole strategy [with this release] was enabling developers to focus on business logic and have tools that enable them to fully utilize the platform," said Andrew Flick, product manager of rich clients at Infragistics.

NetAdvantage for ASP.NET now contains custom APIs that let developers create and export PDF and XPS (XML Paper Specification) documents. The export control hooks into the ASP.NET WebGrid. You can export with a single line of code and then email the file off as you would any PDF document," Flick said. In addition, this product's Excel engine has been enhanced to support the export of images, hidden ranges and formulas.

NetAdvantage for Windows Forms, meanwhile, has added property settings that allow developers to add Windows Vista-styled UI elements to client applications in Vista or in Windows XP. These UI elements include the WinNavigation bar, which creates what Flick called a "breadcrumb metaphor" for file system navigation in client apps; "It's extremely effective for providing an end user with a look at how a process works," he added. Back-forward navigation is also possible inside the Navigation toolbar.

In addition, the company is planning a November release for TestAdvantage 2007 Volume 3, which offers functional regression testing for WinForms applications using HP's QuickTest Professional.

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