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NCover, now commercial, supports ASP.NET, 64-bit apps

The open-source project has gone commercial and now supports ASP.NET apps running on IIS and 64-bit versions of Windows. Reporting options have expanded as well.

Category: Application Testing and Security
Description: NCover, a code coverage analysis tool for .NET Framework applications, is now available as a commercial product (having previously been an open-source project). Analysis occurs at the .NET runtime layer, so the product supports any language that runs on .NET -- C#, Visual Basic, C++, J# and others.

NCover 2.0, the new commercial release, offers support for ASP.NET code running in IIS, for Windows Services applications and for 64-bit versions of Windows. In addition, the product includes support for branch coverage reporting and HTML coverage reporting. Finally, the coverage view tool NCoverExplorer is part of the NCover package.

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