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TierDeveloper now supports nullable types, includes design tools

TierDeveloper is an ORM code generator for ASP.NET, WinForms and .NET Remoting applications. Among its new features are support for nullable types and GUI component design.

Category: Database Tools

Description: TierDeveloper, from Alachisoft, is an object-relational mapping code generator for ASP.NET, WinForms and .NET Remoting applications. With it, developers can map business objects and data objects to relational database tables, embed the necessary SQL code and then generate Visual Basic or C# components.

The latest version, v5.6, adds features such as filtered object inheritance (which can easily differentiate between base and derived classes), support for .NET nullable types and the ability to map the output of a stored procedure call to an object. The product also includes, for use within Visual Studio 2005 only, design tools for forms, list pages, search pages and menus.

TierDeveloper is compatible with Visual Studio 2005 and 2003.

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