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VMProtect offers code obfuscation for native Visual Basic

VMProtect provides code obfuscation for 32- and 64-bit file formats such as .exe, .dll and .sys. Native Visual Basic is one of its five supported compilers.

Category: Application Testing and Security

Description: VMProtect, from the company with the same name, provides code obfuscation for 32- and 64-bit file formats such as .exe, .dll and .sys. Using the product's built-in disassembler, developers can take the bit of code that needs protection, obfuscate it and then run it on a virtual machine. The product also supports object-oriented scripts and watermarks and allows for the protection of string constants.

VMProtect supports the Delphi, Borland C Builder, Visual C/C++, native Visual Basic and Virtual Pascal compilers. It is compatible with Windows 95 or later.

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