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Altova updates data management product suite

Altova, maker of XML, UML and Web services tools, has updated its product line with support for the Office 2007 Open XML document format and for the IBM DB2 9 pureXML database.

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Description: Altova, maker of XML, UML and Web services data management tools, has updated several of those products. Chief among their new features are support for the Office 2007 Open XML document format and for the IBM DB2 9 pureXML database.

Updated products, which all have the release name Version 2007 Release 3, include the following:

  • XMLSpy, an XML editor and IDE, now offers a database query window for faster DB connections, a full-featured CSS editor and a tool for profiling XSL Transformation code.
  • MapForce, which maps between data sources and then generates data or program code for use in custom data integration or Web services applications, now lets developers map XML data to and from IBM DB2 9 databases and supports the SQL-WHERE database data filter.
  • StyleVision 2007, which transforms XML into more user-friendly document formats, now allows for the creation of a table of contents within those documents and supports the Apache Formatting Objects Processor 0.93.
  • UModel, a UML 2.1 design and development tool, now supports include and import statements in the reverse engineering of XML scheme design files.
  • DatabaseSpy, a multi-database query and design tool, now allows for SQL auto-completion suggestions and provides an hierarchical online browser database tree for IBM DB2 9 users.
  • SchemaAgent, a tool for modeling and managing XL schema, now lets developers connect and display XML instance documents in a graphical design view.

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