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New SoftwareFX tool brings grids to ASP.NET 2.0 apps

GridFX merges data-driven development with the Rich Internet Application capabilities of ASP.NET 2.0 and Ajax.

Category: Web Development

Description: GridFX, from the makers of ChartFX, merges data-driven development with the Rich Internet Application. Developers can add Ajax capabilities to data organization tasks like grouping, filtering and sorting. A GridView can also be enhanced with a UI element called a FloatingBar, which gives users a dynamic pop-up displaying data manipulation options like font selection, copy and paste and hide/show columns.

GridFX integrates with Visual Studio 2005 and supports drag-and-drop editing, in-place template editing and smart tag wizards. A Smart Tag Wizard provides developers with a graphical look at code and properties as they bind data to a grid and design its interface. In addition, GridFX includes numerous charts, digital panels and gauges from ChartFX.

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