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ComponentOne updates .NET component suite

The company's Studio Enterprise 2007 now supports Ribbon interfaces for applications modeled after Office 2007. Tools for WPF and Silverlight are on the way as well.

Category: Components and Controls

Description: ComponentOne's Studio Enterprise 2007, released earlier this year with Ajax support and a calendar application, has been updated with the inclusion of Ribbon for .NET. This product lets developers add Ribbon and Status bar functionality to Office 2007-like applications. it also supports Windows Vista Aero.

Meanwhile, the company has rolled out a beta version of Studio Enterprise for WPF, which currently includes scheduling components and which on final release include grid, carousel, charting and input components. In addition, the company said it plans to release a set of components for Microsoft Silverlight. Both tools will fully support Visual Studio 2008 and will be released once Microsoft finished VS 2008.

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