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NetAdvantage adds Office 2007 support, 'express styling'

Infragistics' .NET control and component toolset now supports the Office 2007 UI and features an expanded tool for creating large custom styles.

Category: Developer Life Cycle Tool

Description: NetAdvantage for .NET is Infragistics' set of controls, components and tools for ASP.NET and Windows Forms application development.

The latest addition, NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1, incorporates support for the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface, such as Ribbon functionality and conditional formatting. In addition, the product's AppStylist tool, previously available only for WinForms development, can now be used for ASP.NET apps as well. This tool offers a feature called Express Styling, which sets a custom style for an entire application based on a few selections from a color palette.

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