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Windows Developments: Product news, March 2007

This month's featured .NET development products include improved calendar plug-ins from ComponentOne, Office 2007 support for Colligo and free management tools from Artifact. brings you Windows Developments, a monthly sampling of recent products and product news in the ever-active Windows space. These products are aimed at Visual Basic, Visual Studio and .NET developers. This month's nine featured products include improved calendar plug-ins from ComponentOne, Office 2007 support for Colligo for SharePoint and free management tools from Artifact.

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Category: Application Testing and Security

  • Debugging tool adds queue management, session tracking
    Gurock Software's SmartInspect, an application debugger and monitor, has added features to ease error analysis while in production and session tracking for large server apps.

    Category: Office and Client Development

  • Office plug-ins possible with Visual Studio add-in
    Add-in Express 2007, a tool for creating Office add-ins, now supports the unique Office 2007 UI and allows for greater control of forms and regions within Outlook 2007.
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    Category: Database Tools

  • SQL database engine offers Mono, .NET Compact support
    VistaDB, an embedded SQL database engine for building ASP.NET and WinForms apps, now supports Mono and the .NET Compact Framework, bringing apps to non-Windows platforms and to mobile devices.

  • Genome adds type mapping, LINQ query capabilities
    This object-relational mapping tool has added type mapping and improved LINQ query functionality to its V3.1 release. Genome also supports VS 2005 SP1 and SQL Server for mobile device development.

    Category: Components

  • .NET component breaks a large project into smaller ones
    Edelwise's beWISE lets development teams break a large project into smaller ones, which is helpful when VB 6 or C code is in use or when developer skill levels vary.

  • ComponentOne suite beefs up calendar, supports ASP.NET AJAX
    Studio Enterprise 2007 now offers both Web- and client-based calendar and scheduling applications. In addition, all its ASP.NET controls are now compatible with ASP.NET AJAX.

    Category: Developer Life Cycle Tool

  • Software tracker extends help desk, adds alert system
    Axosoft's OnTime 2007, a requirement-tracking, workflow and analysis tool, has added incident tracking and email alerts to its feature list. Its Web-based UI also Ajax-enabled.

  • Free software management system from Artifact (
    Artifact's Lighthouse Pro software management system includes all of the capabilities needed to manage, monitor and measure software development projects.

    Category: Tools and Platforms

  • Colligo for SharePoint now supporting Office 2007
    The company's toolset for offline access to SharePoint sites has been updated to support Windows Vista and Office 2007.

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