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ComponentOne suite beefs up calendar, supports ASP.NET AJAX

Studio Enterprise 2007 now offers both Web- and client-based calendar and scheduling applications. In addition, all its ASP.NET controls are now compatible with ASP.NET AJAX.

Category: Components

Description: ComponentOne's Studio Enterprise 2007 suite introduces three new products:

  • WebSchedule for ASP.NET, for the development of Outlook 2007-styled appointment management applications;
  • WebCalendar for ASP.NET, for displaying months with customizable styles and navigations, and
  • Schedule for .NET, which includes scheduling and calendaring components, a built-in data layer for appointment management and a Outlook 2007-styled UI.

In addition, the ASP.NET controls within Studio Enterprise 2007 are compatible with Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.

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