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Windows Developments: Product news, February 2007

This month's featured .NET development products include an open-source lifecycle tool, a plug-in for bringing .NET apps to Java and an Excel engine for WinForms and ASP.NET apps. brings you Windows Developments, a monthly sampling of recent products and product news in the ever-active Windows space. These products are aimed at Visual Basic, Visual Studio and .NET developers. This month's eight featured products include an open-source lifecycle management tool, a plug-in for bringing .NET applications to Java platforms and an Excel calculation engine for WinForms and ASP.NET apps.

If you would like to see your product here, send me an e-mail and I'll include it in next month's roundup.

Category: Components

  • Add charts, gauges to apps with .NET Dashboard Suite
    Perpetuum Software's .NET Dashboard Suite consists of two components offering a variety of gauges, charts and diagrams built on managed C# code.

  • Bring Excel to ASP.NET, WinForms apps
    SpreadsheetGear brings the functionality of Microsoft Excel to ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications. It works with .NET 1.1 or higher and integrates with Visual Studio 2005.

    Category: Application Testing and Security

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  • SPI Dynamics' WebInspect 7 designed to tackle evolving security threats (
    With WebInspect 7, SPI Dynamics has created a security product re-engineered to handle the threats and vulnerabilities of Web 2.0.

    Category: Developer Life Cycle Tool

  • Open-source .NET lifecycle management tool now available
    Aras Innovator 8 is an open-source lifecycle management product for .NET 2.0 applications.

  • TeamCity update plugs into Visual Studio 2005
    JetBrains has updated its TeamCity product with Visual SourceSafe support and a Visual Studio 2005 plug-in.

  • Symantec makes dashboard for viewing .NET systems' performance (TheServerSide.NET)
    Symantec has rolled out an Application Service Dashboard, which aggregates performance data from multiple sources, including .NET servers, to present an integrated view of application performance on a single screen.

    Category: Database Tools

  • Create flexible data classes with Objecto
    Crainiate's Objecto 1.0 lets developers create n-tier data classes that, through object persistence, keep an application's assemblies in sync with its underlying database.

    Category: Tools and Platforms

  • Visual Studio plug-in deploys .NET apps on Java
    Mainsoft's Grasshopper 2.0 enables ASP.NET 2.0 applications written in C# to be deployed on Java-enabled platforms.
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