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TeamCity update plugs into Visual Studio 2005

JetBrains has updated its TeamCity product with Visual SourceSafe support and a Visual Studio 2005 plug-in.

Category: Developer Life Cycle Tool

Description: TeamCity is JetBrains' tool for build management, unit testing, code analysis and server-side code inspection of applications on both the .NET and Java platforms.

The latest release, v1.2, supports Visual SourceSafe (versions 6.0 and 2005), which provides added source control and version testing capabilities. In addition, v1.2 can now plug into Visual Studio 2005. This means programmers can view the results of a TeamCity Build Results test inside of Visual Studio.

TeamCity also integrates with IntelliJ IDEA, the company's IDE for Java development, which provides functionality such as remote code analysis, delayed commits and a desktop icon that monitors build configuration status and other processes.

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