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VB, C# and C++ keyboard shortcut hints now available

Microsoft is now offering wall posters that list keyboard shortcuts for Visual Basic 2005, Visual C# 2005 and Visual C++ 2005.

Visual Basic 2005 developers know that F5 will start debugging a Visual Studio 2005 project and that Ctrl + Shift + B will build a project. But did you know that Ctrl + Alt + X will call up your Toolbox? Or that Alt + Shift + F12 will display a list of all references for a particular symbol?

To provide quick access to such information, Microsoft is now offering poster-sized PDF files that list keyboard shortcuts for Visual Basic 2005. Posters for Visual C# 2005 and Visual C+ 2005 are available as well.

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The shortcuts on each poster are divided into several groups. There are some general Windows and Visual Studio navigation hints, plenty of shortcuts for editing and debugging projects, and some hints for working with Visual basic code snippets and with IntelliSense.

Each poster is 24 inches by 18 inches, or roughly 61 centimeters by 46 centimeters. Color versions are 1.5 MB files, while the black-and-white charts are about 1 MB each.

The posters are available for download at the following pages:

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