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Tubes offers file sharing for professional, personal use

Adesso Systems' Tubes promises to change the way people share media. But there are also advantages to be had for enterprises and teams of application developers.

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Description: Tubes, a free file- and media-sharing application from Adesso Systems offers drag-and-drop functionality for both sending and receiving files, and since it sits on its own port, it won't adversely affect a machine's server or Internet connection. The product requires Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed on a user's machine.

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Named after the pneumatic bank teller tubes of yore, Tubes offers something today's applications cannot do, said Steve Chazin, Adesso's director of marketing: "It's semi-instantaneous and bi-directional. There's nothing like that on the Web today."

The social networking appeal is obvious -- instead of emailing vacation photos or posting them on a blog, for example, one can drop them in a Tube for all subscribers to see.

However, Chazin noted that the application can benefit enterprises, too. For example, the human resources department could set up its own Tube, filled with policy documents. Whenever anyone saved changes to a document, Tubes would recognize that change and synchronize, ensuring that all subscribers see the most recent document.

Tubes could also assist with team development, Chazin said. Since devices as well as people can receive files, a development team can "shoot" their latest code drop to source control. Moreover, since Tubes is available offline, developers can work offline in the "sandbox" environment and check their code into the relevant Tube; once online, the updated file will synch with the source control database.

"There's no server to buy, no software to buy, no changing of behavior," Chazin said of developers using Tubes.

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