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.NET code generator adds Visual Studio 2005 integration

CodeSmith Tools, a template-based code generator for text-based languages like VB and C#, now offers VS 2005 integration and robust code snippets.

Category: Tools and Platforms

Description: CodeSmith is a template-based code generator that produces code for text-based languages like C#, VB.NET and T-SQL. Its template syntax is based on ASP.NET.

The latest version, v4.0, offers strong integration with Visual Studio 2005. CodeSmith Projects, for example, let developers manage the code generation process by grouping templates together and setting CodeSmith projects to regenerate their code when a Visual Studio project is built. In addition, the product provides ActiveSnippets, which resemble VS 2005's well-known code snippets but also include code generators and metadata files.

CodeSmith 4.0 comes in standard and professional editions, with the latter edition including the features described above.

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