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App turns English, other languages into XML

Streaming Logic, from Linguistic Agents, translates English and other normal languages into XML. The end result, the company says, is better performing applications.

Category: Tools and Platforms

Description: As applications continue to evolve, providing a larger quantity and variety of information to end users, developers must find a way to make sure that information is not literally lost in the translation from natural language, such as English, to a programming language. A company called Linguistic Agents has developed an application, called Streaming Logic, which will translate sentences in English and other natural languages into XML. With Streaming Logic, common application functionality like search engines, FAQ pages, subscription services and news/RSS aggregation can be improved, the company says.

The application's engine draws from the linguistic theory of NanoSyntax, which builds trees of a language's various syntax, or relationships among words, phrases and sentences.

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