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Enterprise Library 3.0 released as CTP

UPDATED -- Microsoft has released a preview version of Enterprise Library 3.0, a collection of application blocks that can be used for enterprise development. An expert C# blogger has also released a tutorial on using the library's Validation Application Block.

Microsoft has released a Community Technical Preview (CTP) version of Enterprise Library 3.0.

This library is developed by Microsoft's Patterns & Practices team as a collection of application blocks that can be used as is or extended and modified for use in enterprise development. As the release number for this latest edition indicates, Enterprise Library 3.0 will complement the .NET Framework 3.0.

Tom Hollander of the Patterns & Practices group has listed features of Enterprise Library 3.0 on his blog. Highlights of the release include integration with the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, support for AppSettings and Encryption, and the ability to attach validators to objects using either attributes or configurations.

Among the features in the works for future Enterprise Library editions are configuration tool support, a complete validator library and integration with ASP.NET, Windows Forms and .NET 3.0 tools like Windows Communication Foundation, Hollander said.

Additional information about the CTP is available at the Enterprise Library page on CodePlex. Here developers can download the CTP, view known issues and participate in forums.

UPDATE: One key element of Enterprise Library 3.0 is the Validation Application Block. Blogger David Hayden, a C# MVP, has posted a thorough five-part tutorial on working with the Validation Application Block. Here is the series:

  1. Using Validation Facade Class -- Part I
  2. ValidationFactory Class -- Part II
  3. Ruleset -- Part III
  4. Rules in External XML Configuration File (App.Config Web.Config) -- Part IV
  5. Business Layer and Data Access Layer Integration -- Part V

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