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Spices.Net adds obfuscation, support for x64 architecture

The latest version of the Spices.Net Suite is optimized for Windows Vista and includes several tools that protect against reverse engineering.

Category: Tools and Platforms

Description: The Spices.Net Suite, from the company 9Rays.Net, helps developers architect and analyze .NET assemblies and protect them from reverse engineering. The latest edition, v5.1.2, offers full support for the x64 architecture, which means the product is Windows Vista ready.

Other improvements include the integration of the Spices.Obfuscator tool into the MS Build process; in addition to obfuscating code, making it unreadable to outsiders, this tool reduces the amount of metadata in an assembly. V5.1.2 also features the company's Spices.Anonymizer and StringEncryption technologies, both of which protect .NET assembly code against analysis and decompilation during the development process.

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