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Intersoft adds ASP.NET AJAX installers to web app kit

The company has updated WebUI Studio.NET, its tool for developing enterprise-scale Web apps, to support Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX framework.

Category: Tools and Platforms

Description: Intersoft Solutions' WebUI Studio.NET integrates with Visual Studio 2005 for enterprise-scale Web application development. The product's 2006 R2 edition contains 16 different components, covering app features like ComboBox, TreeView, Grid and DropdownList.

In November the company updated WebUI Studio.NET 2006 R2, adding installers that support Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX framework, previously known as Atlas. ASP.NET AJAX is supported in three usage scenarios -- side-by-side with existing Intersoft components, with Intersoft components inside the UpdatePanel and with Intersoft components and AtlasScripts.

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