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Viewtier enhances build management server

Parabuild, a build management server from Viewtier Systems, now comes with manual builds, RSS-based build status notification and next/previous navigation.

Category: Developer Life Cycle Tool

Description: Viewtier Systems' Parabuild is a build management server that provides daily builds as well as continuous integration builds. The product works with an enterprise's existing build infrastructure and supports numerous build scripting tools, such as nmake, nANT and Maven.

The latest edition, Parabuild 3.0, adds build enhancements such as manual builds, the ability to keep running a build if one step fails and a build results publisher. UI improvements include a build time graph, a display group for watching only broken builds and next/previous navigation in build results. In addition, developers can publish a build's status using an RSS feed and hide change descriptions from anonymous users.

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