News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates. Podcast: Events highlight .NET 3.0, Ajax and Visual Studio

This podcast highlights the development lessons learned at three recent conferences -- the .NET 3.0 Roadshow, the Ajax Experience and VSLive.

It was a busy month of October at Three different conferences -- the .NET 3.0 Roadshow, the Ajax Experience and VSLive -- recently came to the Boston area. Along with free T shirts, pens and notepads, site editor Brian Eastwood took away from each conference several lessons for better development.

In this podcast, Eastwood discusses the major themes of each conference, from getting acquainted with Windows Communication Foundation to designing a better user interface to keeping security and performance in mind during development.

The link for out latest podcast appears below. To listen to it right now, left click on the link. To download it and save it for later, right click on it.

Read about the topics discussed in this podcast

  • Special Report from the .NET 3.0 Roadshow

  • Ajax Experience highlights the ways to a better UI

  • Special Report from VSLive Boston
  • Dig Deeper on Smart client application development best practices

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