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Ajaxium 2.0 brings Ajax to ASP.NET applications

With a single line of code, Ajaxium allows developers to Ajax-enable ASP.NET 2.0 controls and applications.

Category: Components

Description: The latest version of Ajaxium, from the company with the same name, allows developers to Ajax-enable ASP.NET 2.0 applications without changing the application's life cycle. Available functionality includes loading notification panels (an example of which appears on the company's Web site) and user-defined timers for page updates, both of which are done using standard ASP.NET panels.

Making an app Ajax-ready requires a single line of code -- Ajaxium.Processor.Init(this); -- that applies to default, custom and third-party controls. While an entire page can be Ajax-enabled with this code, it can, for example, distinguish between a single panel that uses Ajax and the rest of the page that does not. Ajaxium automatically detects an Ajax request inside server-side code, finds the difference between that request and the standard HTML displayed on the client, encodes the changes on the server side and then returns the changed code to the client-side code. If the Ajax request fails, then the client-side code executes the default ASP.NET postback.

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