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Aladdin announces .NET support for its HASP line

Security firm Aladdin Knowledge Systems has extend its Aladdin HASP application security suite to cover .NET 2.0 apps.

Category: Application Testing and Security

Description: Aladdin Knowledge Systems, an security and identity management firm, has extended its Aladdin HASP suite to support the .NET Framework 2.0. With Aladdin HASP, applications are wrapped in a so-called "protective envelope" that does not affect their underlying source code. Techniques deployed inside this security layer include encryption of software files, anti-debugging schemes and randomly assembled protection layers.

Aladdin HASP consists of three products -- HASP HL for single-user licensing, HASP HL Net for multi-user network environments and HASP TT, a tool for creating trialware, which lets customers and clients try out an enterprise's products while protecting the product's intellectual property.

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