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Borland revives Turbo brand with four new IDEs

Borland has revived the Turbo name with four new development environments, complete with drag-and-drop components, refactoring and data integration. There are C# and C++ versions.

Category: Tools and Platforms

Description: Twenty-three years after the debut of Turbo Pascal, Borland has revived the Turbo name with the release of four more development environments. Each version contains more than 200 drag-and-drop components and code refactoring and debugging tools. Users can develop both client-based and Web-based applications, integrate apps with data from databases or files and connect apps with tools such as .NET Remoting and DCOM.

The new versions of Turbo cover C#, C++, Delphi and Delphi for .NET. For each version there are two editions -- a free Explorer edition and a Professional edition that includes third-party products and an extensible IDE.

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