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TulaSoft unveils SQL schema, data sync tools

TulaSoft has released a tool for comparing and synchronizing the data in a SQL Server database and updated its product that does the same to schema.

Category: Database Tools

Description: TulaSoft, maker of SQL Server add-ins, has released SQL Examiner 1.4 and SQL Data Examiner 1.0, two tools for comparing and synchronizing data between two SQL Server databases. Both products offer full SQL Server 2005 support and a UI similar to MS Office 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

SQL Examiner lets developers compare the schema of two Microsoft SQL Server databases and quickly locate the changes in tables, views, stored procedures or any other object in the database. In addition, it offers a Partial Synchronization mode that allows developers to drill down to select specific columns within a table for a more fine grained comparison. New to V1.4 is the ability to compare and synchronize CLR-objects, which are now supported by SQL Server 2005.

SQL Data Examiner, meanwhile, deals with the contents of the database. It offers different levels of automated data comparison and synchronization, from step-by-step processing to full automation.

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