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Genome brings object-relational mapping to .NET

Genome's ORM functionality goes beyond SQL concepts to allow strongly-typed query snippets. V3.0 adds support for class model generation in VB.NET.

Category: Database Tools

Description: Genome, an object-relational mapping tool from TechTalk GmbH, provides persistence for .NET classes in relational databases. It generates the data access layer from the class model, and schema mapping to the relational model, provided by the developer. Genome also extends beyond SQL concepts by allowing query snippets to be encapsulated and reused in a strongly typed manner.

Genome 3.0, currently in beta 2, includes an update to its Database Reverse Engineering Wizard to support class model generation in VB.NET; other new features include DataDomain-specific namespaces, support for transient fields on persistent objects and support for System.Transactions.

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