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ZipForge brings Zip compression, backup to .NET apps

ComponentAce, maker of data encryption and compression products, has brought its ZipForge technology to the .NET Framework.

Category: Database Tools

Description: ComponentAce, maker of data encryption and compression products, has released ZipForge.NET 1.0. It is based on ComponentAce's initial ZipForge for the Delphi application development platform. The product lets developers add Zip archiving and backup functionality to existing .NET applications. Groups of files or folders can be saved, updated tested or otherwise manipulated in a single operation. The resulting "Zip file" takes up less space than its inherent parts, which makes it easier to archive and transmit the information.

ZipForge .NET is written in managed C# code and is compatible with versions of 1.1 and 2.0 of the .NET Framework. There is a free personal edition and 10 commercial editions, both with and without source code.

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