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Adesso partner program reaches developers big and small

The company's AppsNOW Partner Program offers enterprises and individual developers alike a place to share .NET applications and optimize them for mobile or distributed development.

At this year's Tech Ed, Adesso Systems rolled out Adesso NOW O|ES, a customizable data synchronization platform for the .NET Framework, and AppsNOW, the site where add-ins for such services are available for free.

One month later at another Microsoft show, the Worldwide Partner Conference, Adesso announced a three-tier partner program than gives enterprises as well as individual developers access to the company's platform.

"We envision a pretty wide spectrum of applications for a very wide audience," John Van Siclen, Adesso's newly named CEO, said in a recent interview with "In a hosted software as a service environment, it's very fast and easy to take an idea and start doing business."

Many software vendors develop and sell specifically targeted products. Adesso, with NOW O|ES and its combination of distributed file management and application development, is no exception in this regard.

We envision a pretty wide spectrum of applications for a very wide audience.
John Van Siclen
CEOAdesso Systems

The company's strategy, however, aims beyond a mere handful of tools and looks at the "long tail," Van Siclen said. The Long Tail theory refers to the notion that, while every industry has a few blockbuster products, such as bestselling books or chart-topping pop singles, there is money to be made with niche products, which are far more numerous and often have more devoted customer bases. For Adesso, this means giving companies and individual developers a place to showcase their own work and see what others have done.

"Rather than build a handful of applications," Van Siclen said, "let's unleash the developers of the world onto the platform, let them take their knowledge of applications and [development] environments…and let them go to town."

The partner program consists of three levels. Membership is currently based on a one-year subscription, but Van Siclen said Adesso may consider additional membership options, such as a one-month subscription or a pay-per-download model.

The first partner tier is Now.Registered, which Van Siclen described as "more of an invitation to join and know who's part of the community." Now.Registered members have access to the AppsNow SDK, documentation, forums and developer support.

The second tier, Now.Partner, is intended for developers with applications they are ready to show the world. Adesso will help members launch and market the products; both the company and the developer will earn money when an application is sold, Van Siclen said.

The third tier, Now.Gold Partner, caters to those who want to work with Adesso on business-critical distributed or mobile applications. So far, most participants in the AppsNow Partner Program fit into this category.

One such partner, Leverent, worked with Adesso to develop a mobile application that the state of New Mexico is using to track cattle herds. The application collects data from an RFID tagging system and makes that data available for cattle owners and federal and state regulators.

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